The Zoo is spread out along the river “Subarna Rekha”, a part of it going around the “Jayanti Sarover” making the area take the shape of a ‘T’. Being in close proximity to the river, it has the advantage of good drainage.







Layout Description:

The zoo has the following:

  • A circular road around the lake and has well laid-out pathways for visitors’ viewing and services
  • A well connected main sewer line
  • A well laid out water supply system in the park
  • 3 numbers of deep bore wells in the park Well laid out electric lines, road lights
  • Well developed drainage system
  • Firewood fed incinerator for disposal of wastes.
  • 5 kiosks/ restaurant for public
  • 5 nos public toilets 3 nos of children play areas and one picnic area
  • Parking area for vehicles out side the main entry gate of the park.
  • Water cooling machines for drinking water
  • Rain shelters well spread out in the park
  • Boating facility in “Jayanti Sarover”.
  • 28 nos of animal enclosures have open viewing system developed on modern concepts.
  • Nature Education Centre with good library is available for educational programmes and study by the visitors.