The area lies within the city of Jamshedpur and is well connected by road. The main approach is from Sakchi – Sonari road passing through Jubilee Park.

The boundaries of the Park are as under :-

North Sawaran Rekha River
South Jubilee Park
East Civil Courts
West Park& Garden, Nursery

The total zoo area is leased from the Government of Jharkhand to Tata Steel on which the Zoological Park is located.

The area can be divided distinctly in two parts. The area around the lake is flat and even. The second part has a slope and is undulating. The area gets flooded during the rainy season and slowly drains towards the river “Sawaran Rekha”.

The topsoil of the zoo area is formed of laterite soil. The area has deposits of sand in places, otherwise mostly has alluvial soil, and loam to sandy loam.


Jamshedpur, in the state of Jharkhand is an important industrial destination in India and is well connected to all the major towns and cities through Road, Rail and Air.

Distances from Jamshedpur

Ranchi -- 132 km
Kolkata -- 295 km
Bhubaneshwar -- 394 km
Patna -- 421 km


Accessibility -

• By Rail -

Tatanagar is an important railway junction on the south eastern Railway and is connected to Ranchi and Barkakhana, Asansol on the Howrah-Delhi line.

The route traverses
Purulia , Adra, Gua ,Noamundi and Barajamda.

There are direct trains from/to all the major cities of India like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Ranchi, Patna etc.

• By Road -

Jamshedpur is connected by road with most of the major cities in India.

National Highway 32
connects Jamshedpur to Govindpur on NH 2 (Kolkata-Delhi) via Chandil, Chas and Dhanbad.

National Highway 33
connects Chandil to Barhi on NH 2 (Kolkata-Delhi) via Bundu, Ranchi, Ramgarh and Hazaribagh and also in the opposite direction to Baharagora on NH 6 (Kolkata- Western India) via Mahulia.

• Regular bus services are available from Jamshedpur to Ranchi, Kolkata

• By Air - Jamshedpur airport can be used for bringing in chartered planes but night landing facility is not available. Commercial flights have also started operating from Kolkata, Ranchi, Patna and New Delhi.