Overall administrative control of the Zoo lies with the Director. Key functional areas being overseen by the Director are Planning & development, animal exchange, sponsorships & revenue and security of the zoo. The Director is assisted in his work by an Office supervisor, two Office assistant, a Sr. attendant and a Sr. driver.

Deputy Director looks after the upkeep and health care of the animals, Veterinary Hospital, Kitchen & store section, cleanliness and general hygiene in zoo campus and Horticultural activities. Keepers and Asst. keepers report to the Deputy Director. The Deputy Director is assisted in his day to day work by Asst. Veterinary Officer, a Veterinary assistant, Field Supervisor, a Sr. Zoo Assistant, one field assistant and animal keepers.

Curator (Zoo) looks after maintenance of animal enclosures, feeding of the animals and disinfection of enclosures. He also oversees the enrichment of animal enclosures and deployment of security personnel in the zoo. The curator is assisted in his day to day work by one field assistant and a Sr. attendant.

Biologist cum Education officer takes care of recording of animal behavior, maintenance of daily reports, studbooks, organising awareness / educational programmes including running of the zoo information centre cum library.

The Tata Steel Zoological Society has unionized and non-unionized category of staff on the zoo roles.

S.No. Designation Total sanctioned posts
1.  Director One
2. Deputy Director One
3. Curator One
4. Asst. Veterinary Officer One
5. Biologist cum Education Officer One
6. Office Supervisor One
7. Field supervisor One
8. Animal Keepers Four
9. Asst. Animal Keepers Eleven
10. Field assistant Two
11. Sr. Office Assistant One
12. Office  Assistant Two
13. Senior Attendant Two
14.  Senior driver One


Capacity building of zoo personnel

Without motivated & trained staff, no zoo can provide appropriate care to the animals in its collection. Animal keepers are therefore deputed every year for training programmes organized by the Central Zoo Authority.

Other than the keeper training, the zoo has been deputing its officers for training in other Indian zoos and zoos aboard. In-house meetings are regularly conducted to apprise the zoo staff of new developments taking place in different zoos in India and abroad. Team building exercise are also organised to develop cooperation among all zoo staff and officers.


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