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Since its inception in 1991, the Tata Zoo has achieved a number of milestones in various fields

The zoo since its inception in 1994 have achieved a number of milestones in various fields:

Milestones in Conservation Initiatives

  • Conservation of
    Indigenous Plants

  • Planned Breeding
    of Blackbuck

  • Planned Breeding
    of Indian Peafowl

  • Conservation
    of Fruit Bats

Specialized Enclosures Creation

Created an enclosure for rearing and display of
common butterflies of Jamshedpur

Significant Nature Education & Awareness Programmes

  • Residential nature camps for girl students
  • Motivated 5300 tribal women folk from 19 villages to practice processes for conservation of nature and sustainable utilization of natural resources
  • Distributed fruit plants among tribal villages
  • Organised guided zoo tour for school
  • Instituted best eco teacher award for school teachers in Jamshedpur
  • For creating greater awareness and empathy about animals among small children, organized Pets to Pal programme

Resource generation

Adoption of animal enclosures by corporate houses & individuals