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The Tata Steel Zoo is managed by efficient and capable people.

The entire zoo area is divided into 4 Beats, each under one Keeper. There are 4 Keepers and 11 Assistant Keepers to look after the animals. They attend to cleaning, feeding, disinfecting and safekeeping of the animals. Their work includes daily reporting to field supervisors and Veterinary doctors.

Cleaning of the enclosures is done every morning. The leftovers are disposed off in the incinerator. The enclosures, moats, feeding cells, display area are being thoroughly cleaned during this operation.

  • Feeding

  • Health care and
    veterinary intervention

  • Food Stores
    & Kitchen

  • Maintenance
    of Hygiene

  • Maintenance of enclosures
    and other infrastructure

  • Security of animals
    and zoo property

  • Disposal of Solid
    and Liquid Wastes

  • Visitor



Carnivores are fed once daily for 6 days in a week. Every Monday is kept as fast day for the carnivores. Herbivores are fed with dry rations in the morning and leaf or green fodder during afternoons.

Grain and fruit eating birds are fed in the mornings. Feeding of animals is overseen through a feed schedule and is supervised by the Curator.

Health care andveterinary intervention

There is a veterinary hospital in the zoo that takes care of animal health and treatment of sick and injured animals. The hospital has a full time Veterinary doctor, laboratory, treatment room and a quarantine room. Trained para veterinary staffs assist the vet. The hospital is equipped with necessary infrastructure like tranquilizing and sterilizing equipments, microscope, squeeze cage, refrigerator, spray pumps, scientific balance and other necessary gadgets required for the purpose.

In case of any emergency surgery, facility of Tata Steel Veterinary Hospital operation theatre, located nearby, is also utilized.

A post -mortem room is also there in the zoo to carry out examination of animals that die in the zoo.

Food Stores& Kitchen

There is a separate kitchen cum store building near to the Vet Hospital. This building has two storerooms, a kitchen, meat inspection room, and a storekeeper’s room. The distribution of the rations takes place twice daily.

Maintenance of Hygiene

The sanitation section is maintained in two different ways:-
1. Sanitation in and around animal enclosure.
2. General cleanliness of the park including office buildings, toilets, roads and paths etc.

The keepers and assistant keepers exclusively look after the first part of the sanitation work as part of their day-to-day work. In addition a sanitation schedule has been introduced which is followed in the park. Implementation of the schedule is supervised by the Curator and the Vet Officer.

General sanitation work is out-sourced to a private contractor on annual contract basis. Total cleaning of roads, paths, drains, toilets, office and all other buildings, hospital, picnic area etc. is done by the contractor’s labourer every day. A field assistant supervises this work.

Maintenance of enclosures and other infrastructure

Maintenance work of enclosures, roads, paths and other facilities in the park is required regularly. We need a civil construction work labour, plumber, electrician, carpenter, mechanic, welder, painter etc. as there is a need for constant repair and maintenance work.

To meet this requirement we have appointed a maintenance contractor who undertakes most of the maintenance jobs. Specialized jobs like mechanical or electrical jobs are got done on casual basis by engaging technicians. A field assistant supervises these jobs.

Security of animals and zoo property

Maintaining security in the zoo is a specialized function, as this involves taking care of both animal and visitors’ safety. It also involves protection of the property from damage and theft. The security guards are posted at all vulnerable points like Lion cage, Tiger house, Crocodiles, Leopard, Boating bay, Exit and Entry gates etc.

This job has been assigned to a specialised private security agency. Round the clock security is provided in the park.

Disposal of Solid and Liquid Wastes

There is a sewerage line, which passes close to the Zoological Park. There is a running duct that carries the surface water disposal from the Zoo. These lines are connected to the animal enclosures.

Further the solid waste from the cleanings of the animal enclosures is disposed off in an incinerator located towards the end of the Zoological Park.

Other waste materials from the garden like papers, plastic, dust bin collections etc. are collected in the waste material collection cradle kept by Tata Steel Health Department. (now Jusco). This is removed and cleaned every week.

Visitor Amenities

Visitor amenities are offered at several places in the Park. Care is taken to provide all the necessary facilities to the visitors. viz:-

a. Drinking water cooler machines 5 nos
b. Shelters 5 nos
c. Kiosks and restaurants 2 nos
d. Benches at many places.  
e. Toilets 5 nos
f. Van for zoo visit nil
g. Toy train nil
h. Boating 14 nos
i. Children play areas 2 nos
j. Visitor Picnic area 1 nos
K. T.V.Sets 3 Nos
L. Souvenir corner 1 nos
M. First-Aid 2 locations
N. Nature Education Centre 1 nos