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Did you know? You can do your Zoology Research at the Tata Zoo?

We, at the Tata Steel Zoological Society, encourage various research projects
undertaken by students from both school and colleges.


Some of the important projects undertaken by the students are:-

  • Breeding behaviour of EMUs
  • Breeding behaviour of Weaver Birds
  • Pollution of Jayanti Sarover
  • Feeding of herbivorous animals
  • Interactive behaviour of herbivorous animals in Mixed herbivore exhibit
  • Breeding of local species of Butterflies
  • Seasonal Migration of ducks in Jayanti Sarover.


We give Education and Awareness programmes utmost attention and importance at the zoo. Several programmes have been undertaken in the park in association with students and adul

To achieve this objective, the following academic facilities have been created within the Park:

  • Library

  • Education Hall

  • Signage boards
    indicating habits and
    habitats of animal

  • Museum

Tata Zoo Awareness Programmes

  • Residential Nature Camp  :
    A three-day Residential Nature Camp for girl students was organized. During this camp, the participants were exposed to bird watching, vermi- composting, habits and habitats of zoo animals, nursery techniques, personality development, nature games and other activities.
  • Quiz and Activities
    Quiz, Debates, Seminars, Painting competitions, Essay writing competitions are organised during wildlife week celebrations.
  • Tree Plantation Programmes
    Tree Plantation Programmes are organized with the help of general visitors, students, and local clubs.
  • School Group Visits
    We encourage school group’s visits to the Tata Zoo.
  • Screening of wildlife films
    Various interesting wildlife films are occasionally screened at the Tata Zoo.
  • Touch and Learn Programme
    Touch and Learn Programmes are organized for student groups to impart knowledge about various animal articles. Students are even allowed to touch the animals. This is a very interesting programme for children as they get the thrill of getting to know and feel animals and birds that they have never seen before.
  • Village Motivation
    We believe in motivating villagers (especially ladies) from villages to come to the zoo and learn about animals. This programme had a good effect on the villagers who otherwise indulge in hunting in the nearby forests.
  • Celebration of Van Mahotsav in nearby villages
    Fruit tree seedlings are distributed to villagers during Van Mahotsav to help build an awareness amongst them for the conservation of nature.
  • Bird Watching Mornings
    Bird watching facility is provided to those interested at the morning time only. A monthly pass of Rs: 300/- is issued to those interested. One can also take membership to Bird Club
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Did You Know?

The Tata Steel Zoological Park has been recognized as
The ‘Best Eco-Club Teacher’, & ‘Best School Eco- Club’.