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How to Reach the Zoo Follow the directions below to reach our zoo

Our Zoo has an amazing collection of birds, mammals, reptiles and attractions to browse through as you explore every corner.
Use our Zoo Map to guide you on your tour!

Layout Description:Our zoo has the following:

  • A circular road around the lake with well laid-out pathways for visitors’ viewing and services.
  • A well connected main sewer line.
  • A well laid out water supply system in the park.
  • 3 deep bore wells. Well laid out electric lines, road lights.
  • Well-developed drainage system.
  • Firewood fed incinerator for disposal of wastes.
  • 3 kiosks/ restaurant for public.
  • 5 public toilets 3 children’s play areas and one picnic spot.
  • Parking area for vehicles outside the main entry gate of the park.
  • Water cooling machines for drinking water.
  • Rain shelters well spread out in the park.
  • Boating facility at "Jayanti Sarover".
  • 28 animal enclosures with open viewing system developed on modern concepts.
  • Nature Education Centre with good library available for educational programmes and study by the visitors.