Education and Awareness programme is given utmost attention and importance at the zoo. Several programmes are undertaken in the park in association with students and adults. To achieve this objective, the following facilities have been created in the Park.

  • Library
  • Auditorium
  • Small museum
  • Five television sets located at various places in the Park
  • Informative wall paintings
  • Signage boards indicating habits and habitats of animal


»  Reports on Zoo Education Programmes
»  Awareness Programmes undertaken

  1. A three-day Residential Nature Camp for students has been organized in the last two years. During this camp, the participants are exposed to bird watching, vermi-composting, habits and habitats of zoo animals, nursery techniques, personality development, nature games and other activities.

  2. Quiz, Debates, Seminars, Painting competitions, Essay writing competitions are organised during wildlife week celebrations.

  3. Recognizing the ‘Best Eco-Club Teacher’, & ‘Best School Eco- Club’.

  4. Tree Plantation Programmes with the help of general visitors, students, and local clubs.

  5. Organizing school groups visits to the Park.

  6. Screening of wildlife films on television during zoo hours.

  7. Kids for Tigers Programme initiated by the sanctuary magazine three years ago exhibits programmes in the form of slide shows on tigers to school children which reveals the latest status of tiger conservation in the country.

  8. Touch and Learn Programme is organized for student groups who are told about various animal articles and are allowed to touch them. This is a very interesting programme as the children get the thrill of getting to know and feel articles they have never seen before.

  9. Motivating villagers (especially ladies) from villages to come to the zoo and learn about animals. This had good effect on the villagers who otherwise indulge in hunting in the nearby forests.

  10. Fruit tree seedlings are distributed to villagers during the plantation season.

  11. Morning time bird watching facility is provided to those interested. A monthly pass of Rs: 100/- is issued to those interested.