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Want to Volunteer at our Zoo?

Tata Zoo welcomes volunteers - a time worth contributing as well as learning. Join us and help our zoo team!

All that's required is your love for animals and an interest in spending time with visitors of all ages.

The purpose of the Zoo Volunteer programme is to render services to the zoo in a voluntary manner for the purpose of assisting the management in its day to day function.

What can you Volunteer for?

The volunteer can benefit to enrich his own experience and learning, while providing quality service to the zoo.

There are several ways in which you can volunteer your time at our zoo; please follow the guidelines and find the opportunity that is right for you!

You can volunteer for:

  • Reception Work
  • Visitor Management - Managing the visitor information Desk
  • Engaging in the zoo education and awareness programme with visitors
  • Help in the gift shop by assisting customers
  • Assisting in Zoo Maintenance work
  • Helping as a Children Playground Attendant
  • Volunteer for special events
  • Trained substitute for existing zoo volunteers
  • Become a Zoo Tour Guide
  • Being a part of the Volunteer Management Team
  • Be a Ground Keeper – Assisting Zoo Staff in improving and maintaining Zoo grounds
  • Helping at the animal feed store in preparing feed for animals
  • Providing veterinary care if you are a veterinarian or a trained paramedic

How to be our Zoo Volunteer?

All volunteers must submit an application to the zoo either in person or through email.

Read the Guidelines On Becoming a Zoo Volunteer before you apply.

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You must agree and adhere to the guidelines of this programme before you apply.

Fill in the form and email your application. Write to:

Once you are selected you will have to attend an interview and volunteer orientation programme at the zoo where we will familiarise you with the goals, requirements, and commitments for becoming a zoo volunteer.

Don’t miss out this great opportunity to interact with the wild life! Be our zoo volunteer!