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Although Zoological Society works hard to keep our zoo animals’ safe & looking beautiful, it cannot do this without your help. Visitors need to be involved in keeping our zoo in pristine condition

Follow the below Do’s and Don’ts when you are visiting the Tata Steel Zoological Park for a memorable and enjoyable visit.


  • Keep the premises, especially lawn and public utilities of the Zoo neat and clean.
  • Enjoy the vast collection of Animals, Trees and Plants of the Zoo.
  • Try to be cordial and polite with your fellow visitors and staff.
  • Extend your full cooperation with the management and security staff of the Zoo.
  • Park vehicles in parking area.
  • Book for organised photo or film shoots and events.
  • Promptly report any suspicious activities to the nearest security personnel.
  • Ask questions to the Education Officer and Zoo Staff about the Zoo and its animals.
  • Enjoy the diversity of our food courts with lots of food and beverages.
  • Participate in the different activities organized and hosted by the zoo for scientific, educational and awareness purposes.
  • Maintain safe distance from the animals.
  • Guard your children and your belongings.
  • Exit the zoo campus before or by the closing time.


  • For the health of our animals, no pets are permitted in the Zoo. Please don’t bring any pets.
  • You are in Zoo to see animals and enjoy their behaviour. Please do not tease them.
  • Zoo animals are well fed by our trained personnel. Please do not feed any animal inside the Zoo.
  • Zoo is a smoke-free zone for the health and happiness of all our animals and guests. Please don’t smoke.
  • Please do not consume alcohol in the zoo campus.
  • Spitting openly is a cause of spread of diseases among animals and humans. Do not spit in the zoo campus openly.
  • Zoo is a plastic free zone. Please do not litter the Zoo premises by throwing objects like plastic bags, plates, glass etc.
  • Zoo tries to give best facilities for the visitors. Pease do not damage public utilities.
  • Zoo has excellent natural environment. Please don’t disturb it by climbing the trees, picking flowers or disturbing the landscape.
  • Please respect the security walls, stand-off barriers and fences throughout the Zoo, as they are for the safety and protection of both our guests and our animals. Do not jump over the safety area.
  • Do not enter the Zoo with polythene bag, plastic bottle and any kind of food.
  • Do not play any audio-system or musical instrument inside the Zoo. Bringing toys and entertainment tools like RC cars, skateboards, bikes, scooters, skates, balls, musical instruments not allowed.
  • Do not play cricket, football, badminton, flying dish etc. inside the Zoo.
  • Do not carry firearms or any sharp objects.
  • Do not participate in any activity that might impede the work of the zoo staff.
  • Do not engage in organizing un-official events, speeches and using any flag, signage or trademarks for marketing or sedition purposes.
  • Do not sell products and/or services or offer them.