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Become a member of the bird club How to become a member of our bird club

For bird lovers, the Tata Steel Zoological Park provides the perfect destination for bird watching. There are about 36 varieties of birds found in their natural habitat within the zoo. The zoo offers membership to its exclusive Bird Club.

Bird Club Member Privileges:

  • Lead field trips.
  • Participate in bird watching.
  • Take part in bird count.
  • Serve in the various capacities that are vital for the operation of the club.
  • Prospective members will attend 1 orientation tour.
  • Be a part of field trips.
  • Show interest in the purpose and function of the club.

Zoo Bird Watching Trails:

Trail 1: Circular road along the Jayanti Sarovar (main gate to Picnic gate)

Trail 2: Zoo Nature trail – Beginning Capuchin monkey to ostrich enclosure and meeting the circular road.

Trail 3: Circular road – Jumbo stall – Zebra – Kutcha road facing tiger lawn and meeting the circular road.

Membership Fee Details:



Rs. 500/-



Half Yearly



Individual (Adult)

Rs. 300/-

Rs. 1800/-

Rs. 3300/-


Senior Citizen > 60 years

Rs. 150/-

Rs. 900/-

Rs. 1800



Rs. 150/-

Rs. 900/-

Rs. 1500/-


Family (Individual & spouse)

Rs. 500/-

Rs. 3000/-

Rs. 5500/-


Family (Individual, spouse & 2 children)

Rs. 800/-


Rs. 9000/-

* Joining fees for new members and those seeking membership after lapse of three months or more of their being member.

Senior Citizens: 60 years and older.

Students: 17 years and younger or over 18 years and full time student,

To apply for the Bird Club Membership: Download Form