A glimpse of the myriad inmates of the Tata Zoo.
Partner IUCN SSC Galliformes Specialist Group
  • Bat island
  • Boating
  • Butterfly park
  • Nature Education Centre
  • Nature trail
  • Photo gallery

Wanted & surplus list of animals


Forthcoming events are slated from August to December, 2018:

5th August, 2018
• Friendship day at Zoo

1st September, 2018
• International Vulture Day

21st September, 2018
• On the spot essay writing competition

2nd to 6th October, 2018
• Wildlife Week Celebrations at Zoo

2nd October, 2018
• Inaugural function and award ceremony

3rd October, 2018
• Debate competition

5th October, 2018
• Fancy dress competition

6th October, 2018
• on the spot painting competition and conclusion of celebrations

December, 2018
• Annual Nature Camp for Girl students